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NEW EPISODE: The Politics of Nothing

Filibusters Used to Mean Something

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WELCOME BACK to the Get More Smarter Podcast Substack email page, and a BRAND NEW EPISODE for you! This may be our shortest episode ever, so you have no excuse not to listen to it twice. And if you’ve gotten this forwarded to you from a friend, why don’t you go ahead and smash this little button right here?

Colorado House Minority Leader Mike Lynch has the worst job in Colorado politics, for sure. He’s got an infinitesimally small, historically irrelevant, and absolutely batshit crazy caucus, and despite spending a lot of his time attempting to look like a sane, reasonable person who wants to negotiate with the supermajority Democrats, he decided it was a good idea to go on the west steps of the State Capitol and just slime and lie about what happens inside that building, and we’ve got the audio in this episode. He also claims that Republicans are the only ones who “actually have kids” and don’t “live in their parent’s basements” (don’t tell Doug Lamborn’s kid), you’re going to want to listen to this schmuck. And you’re going to want to share this with a friend, go ahead, click here:

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Jason correctly points out that Mike Lynch “ain’t exactly Abraham Lincoln” and that’s putting it pretty generously. Another amazing thing from this rally was the signage. Since this is a newsletter about a podcast we couldn’t let you hear you the sheer massive incredibility of the signage at this rally Lynch was lying at, BUT SINCE THIS IS A NEWSLETTER ABOUT A PODCAST we can show it to you right here, we are not making this up, we did not photoshop this, this is a real, real sign at a parent’s rights rally ostensibly to oppose public education:

10 out of fucking 10, y’all.

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Democrats in the Colorado Legislature have passed three gun bills down to Gov. Polis’s desk. One of the bills installs a mandatory 3-day waiting period, which The Simpsons ended the debate on completely in 1997:

The other two bills are equally reasonable if not as prone to satire. One raises the minimum age to buy a firearm from 18 to 21 and the other bill expands Colorado’s demonstrably successful red flag law which have stopped countless instances of gun violence since the first version was signed into law in 2019.

We’ll have Andrew Baumann from Global Strategy Group back on the show next week to discuss the latest ProgressNow Colorado/GSG Rocky Mountaineer poll which shows that our 8th favorite member of Congress from Colorado is underperforming her own district by 10 points. Jason points out this means “voters in this district want a Republican, just not…her.”

We’re also very, very sorry we subjected you to Stephanie Luck’s “singing voice,” twice. But if you couldn’t get enough of her dulcet tones, here it is again for your listening pleasure:

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