Mar 16 • 58M

NEW EPISODE: Colorado House Speaker Julie McCluskie Gets More Smarter

After taking one week off, we've got TWO great episodes for you this week

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Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives Julie McCluskie

Continuing our great legacy of (somehow) convincing Speakers of the Colorado House of Representatives to join us on the Get More Smarter Podcast, Speaker Julie McCluskie joins us for a great episode today. We talk about what it’s been like to preside over the largest group of Democrats to gather outside of a Women’s March since FDR was President, and what it’s like to work with the smallest group of Republicans since The John Birch Society was founded. Speaker McCluskie really knocked our socks off in this interview, and we know you’ll be impressed with her smarts, her savvy, and her ability to answer somewhat uncomfortable questions with both a laugh and the truth. You don’t want to miss this one.

We also get into the Colorado GOP’s selection of Dave “Let’s go Brandon,” (we are not kidding, that is a nickname he gave himself) Williams as their new party chair and ask the question on everyone’s mind: can he possibly do worse than the last party chair? The obvious answer, is yes.

We talk about some other stuff too, but if we told you what it was, you wouldn’t have any reason to listen to the pod, now would you?

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Thanks for listening, it means a lot.

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