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Episode 190: Is Your Refrigerator FREEDOM?!

Episode 190: Is Your Refrigerator FREEDOM?!

Republican Ridiculousness from the Mountains to the Swamp, a failed impeachment, another Republican loses a loaded gun in the State Capitol, and why the Colorado GOP Chair is the best Democrat ever

THIS WEEK on the Get More Smarter Podcast, we dive into some truly bizarre and concerning happenings in both Colorado and national politics as we edge ever closer to the most critical election of our lifetimes. Every election is the most critical of our lives you say? Of course it is, because it’s the next one, and it’s the one that hasn’t happened yet.

The Absurdity in The Colorado House

We kicked things off with a look at the Colorado Republican House Micro-Minority's laughable attempt to impeach Secretary of State Jena Griswold. As predicted, it went nowhere. This huge waste of time and energy left Republicans looking desperate and silly, Secretary Griswold looking strong and vindicated, and House Democrats as the fair and reasonable bunch who let the GOP have their little shitshow.

Adding to the circus, a member of the same Republican caucus managed to leave a loaded gun in a bathroom at the State Capitol. Sadly, this isn't the first time such negligence has occurred, but it starkly highlights the need for stricter gun safety laws, in and out of the Capitol.


Dave Williams: Democrat of the Decade?

Perhaps the most surreal bit from this week’s episode is all about Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dave Williams. His actions as chairman have been so counterproductive that you might wonder if he's actually undermining his own party on purpose, in fact, we argue that this is now the only explanation that makes any sense seeing as how we could not have possibly done more damage on purpose to the Colorado GOP than Dave has done simply by being there. So, keep up the good work, Dave!

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