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Episode 189: Attorney General Phil Weiser Gets Even More Smarter

Episode 189: Attorney General Phil Weiser Gets Even More Smarter

Plus: Greg F%&@ing Lopez is going to DC, Gabe-ish Has a Primary, and State House GOP Flails and Fails, also CHEMTRAILS

Ian’s note: We’d like to dedicate this edition of our newsletter to our fan Vanessa Valle who leaves us very nice notes and comments, and also waited patiently all week for this episode, so, Vanessa, thank you for reading and listening, this one’s for you!


There will be a reading list, there will be a test, and there will be homework, but hey, you’re here to Get More Smarter, aren’t you?

THIS WEEK on the Get More Smarter Podcast, you know him as Colorado’s 29th Attorney General, largely because he is Colorado’s 29th Attorney General! That’s right, Phil Weiser is back on the pod to chat trust-busting, regulating social media, county-level gerrymandering, bad gas, and much more.

We also, kind of insanely, were very surprised to see The Get More Smarter Podcast mentioned in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary! No, we’re not kidding, John Wenzel’s coverage of the show in The Denver Post made the dictionary for a recent example of using the word “bent” to mean “political lean,” which we admit, we have rather aggressively. Check it out:

Anyway, after our four-part lesson and all the homework the AG assigned, we still had it in us to talk about Greg Fu$k&ng Lopez somehow getting his absolutely unelectable self into congress to finish the remainder of KenSNBC/CNNKen’s term, how this totally screws everyone who’s name doesn’t rhyme with Schloren Flobert, the somewhat devastatingly lethargic campaign of Gabe-ish Evans somehow drawing a primary (and a Libertarian!) in the most (read: only) competitive election in virtually all of Colorado in 2024, how truly, unbelievably, clownishly stupid the Colorado State House GOP is, mathematically how long it would take to hand-count every paper ballot in Colorado if the super-micro-minority-party had its way, and LEGISLATING CHEMTRAILS (thankfully, somehow, not a current statewide concern in Colorado, but watch this space) and much, much more.

Generate a large, photorealistic image of the sky, with chemtrails clearly and completely spelling out "WATER VAPOR". The background should be a vivid blue sky, providing a strong contrast to the crisp, white chemtrails. The chemtrails should be meticulously arranged to form each letter of "WATER VAPOR" with precision, ensuring the words are easily legible and prominent against the sky. This scene captures a perfect day with the distinct message formed by airplane trails, merging the breathtaking beauty of a clear sky with a deliberate human message.
Yes this image was AI generated, no I can’t guarantee that people who think this is some kind of government chemistry experiment will know the difference or be able to spell “Water Vapor” any better than ChatGPT failed to do so here.

This is an interview you don’t want to miss, so subscribe to the pod wherever you listen, follow us over on Nice Twitter aka Threads, and forward this email or share this post with your friends, your enemies, and that barista down the street with an inscrutable number of hair colors. Thanks to AG of the pod for being our guest this week, and THANK YOU so much for listening, we’ll see you next time!

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