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Episode 185: The [Katiest Britt] in the Target Parking Lot

Episode 185: The [Katiest Britt] in the Target Parking Lot

Dark Brandon Delivers a SOTU for the Ages, Colorado Republicans Catch Nopeachment Fever, Alabama Reverses Itself on IVF (but not abortion rights!) and more!
A refined political cartoon style image showcasing a beautiful brunette mom in a dynamic and humorous display of going berserk in a Target parking lot. She's dressed in a stylish green scoop neck shirt with a collar. The image vividly captures her in the act of both throwing a shopping cart with one hand and kicking a car with her foot, embodying a moment of exaggerated frustration. Her expression is one of comic disbelief and exaggerated emotion, ensuring she remains appealing while clearly portraying her over-the-top reaction. The background is lively, featuring parked cars and the unmistakable Target logo, highlighting the absurdity and humor of the situation.
Hey, SNL had Scarlett Johansson play her, don’t judge us

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast, Super Tuesday came and went, leaving us exactly where we started: gearing up for a Biden-Trump rematch. And no, there's nothing we can do about it. But we won’t dwell on the inevitable; instead, we talk about how Dark Brandon has re-entered the chat. President Biden surpassed incredibly low expectations with his State of the Union address, and rising Republican star Dark Katie Britt from Alabama didn't quite meet expectations, and by that I mean she crashed and burned so badly that Scarlett Johannsen let her have it on SNL bigtime.

Then, we discuss the saga of Colorado House Republicans, who've caught "nopeachment fever" from their DC counterparts, targeting a friend of the pod for what's most likely a Fox News appearance. Their attempt (and failure) to make abortion—and possibly even IVF—illegal in Colorado is especially unfortunate coming right after Alabama made exceptions for IVF in their own restrictive abortion law. And wouldn't you know it, Colorado Democrats' favorite Republican Copy Machine Masochist is back at it. We’re left wondering what piece of office equipment he'll target next in his latest political move.

The flaccid attempt from the Colorado House Micro-Minority to impeach Secretary of State Jena Griswold for, well, nothing they’re accusing her of, made some news, but not the kind the perpetrators of this ridiculous waste of time and energy were hoping for. Friend of the show Kyle Clark interviewed one of the chief instigators of this unimpeachment attempt, Republican State Rep. Ryan Armagost who not only says the quiet part out loud but then doesn’t know what Kyle means by “are you saying the quiet part out loud.”

Whenever anyone asks me why I mostly work in red states now and don’t do very much work in Colorado anymore, I just show them clips like the above, or that one where six out of the nine Republicans running in the 4th Congressional District Primary raises their hands gleefully after being asked which of them had been arrested.

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