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EPISODE 181: Coloradans REALLY Dislike Lauren Boebert (feat. Andrew Baumann)

EPISODE 181: Coloradans REALLY Dislike Lauren Boebert (feat. Andrew Baumann)

We Interview the Lead Researcher from the Rocky Mountaineer Survey about the Latest Poll from ProgressNow Colorado and GSG

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Imagine a cartoon depicting a mountain range, where each peak represents a different point on a graph showing poll approval numbers. As the range progresses from left to right, the peaks gradually decrease in height, symbolizing a decline in approval ratings. The tallest peak starts on the left, indicating high approval at first, and as we move to the right, the peaks become smaller, illustrating a downward trend in the numbers. Additionally, add a mine cart on one of the downward-trending lines, and in that mine cart, place a brunette woman with a brown cowboy hat wearing glasses. This scene combines the natural beauty of mountains with the analytical representation of polling data, conveying a message about decreasing popularity or approval in a visually engaging and straightforward manner.
I promise this graphic was a good idea in concept.

Before you read this, or maybe even listen to this episode, it would definitely benefit you to go read the latest edition of ProgressNow Colorado and Global Strategy Group’s regular survey, The Rocky Mountaineer.

Go ahead and give this pic a click to see the latest numbers

Here are some of the toplines that stood out to us, but for a real and thorough analysis, go ahead and listen to this conversation we had with Andrew Baumann on your podcast app of choice.

  • Lauren Boebert is the least popular political figure we have ever seen statewide in Colorado, and that’s not an exaggeration.

  • Jared Polis is the most popular political figure we’ve ever seen statewide in Colorado, and that is also not an exaggeration.

  • A solid majority of Coloradans believe that Trump engaged in an insurrection and should be disqualified from the ballot.

  • Colorado is a Blue State. No Really. Not Bluing. Purple. Not even Purplish. It’s Blue, and for the foreseeable future, that won’t change.

  • Lauren Boebert and Donald Trump are the faces of the Colorado Republican Party, and for everyone but the most freaky of MAGA freaks, tha’ts not a good thing.

  • President Biden’s numbers are not great, but unlike what Boebert and Trump are doing to the GOP ticket here, it does not seem to be hurting Democrats much if at all in Colorado.

  • Voters trust Democrats WAY more than Republicans in Colorado on key issues like abortion and healthcare costs.

  • Colorado voters think the wealthy do not pay their fair share in taxes and there’s some real strong support for cutting taxes for lower earners and raising them on the wealthiest Coloradans.

All that, and we still cover Gabe-Ish Evans running a pretty bad-ish campaign, some good old fashioned Chaos at the State Capitol, the disgraced convicted felon who wrote TABOR eyeing up one of the open Republican congressional districts now that a criminal record appears to be a prerequisite for running for congress as a Colorado Republican, and much more! Tune in to this episode, share it with your friends and your enemies, and thank you so much for listening, reading, and sharing.


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