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Episode 166: The Government May Shut Down, But We Won't! (feat. Karen Middleton)

Episode 166: The Government May Shut Down, But We Won't! (feat. Karen Middleton)

Hey there, folks! Welcome to another exciting episode of the Get More Smarter Podcast, where I, Ian Silverii, along with my co-host, America’s Dad, Jason Bane, dive headfirst into the wild world of Colorado politics and beyond. In this week's episode, we've got a lot on our plate, from reproductive rights to government shutdowns to the latest political shenanigans. So warm up those brains because it’s time once again for The Get More Smarter Podcast.

Karen Middleton: Protecting Reproductive Freedom

Colorado GOP, Catholic Church mobilize as 2020 ballot deadline for 22 ...

We kick things off this week with an interview featuring Karen Middleton, the Executive Director of Cobalt. Karen's had quite the journey in Colorado and national politics, and she takes us on a tour of her career path before we dive italk about how she made the leap from serving in the State Legislature to leading organizations focused on social justice, with a primary focus on reproductive rights.

Our chat with Karen goes deep into the ongoing battle over abortion rights in Colorado. We explore the history of attempts to ban abortion and how Colorado voters have repeatedly rejected these measures. We also delve into the ever-important issue of the overturning of Roe v. Wade and its continued impact, particularly in recent special elections where Democrats have been on the winning side, partly due to voters' concerns about reproductive rights.

One of the most fascinating developments in Colorado is how it's become a safe haven for reproductive healthcare. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has seen a significant uptick in abortion care, with patients even coming from out of state. And Cobalt's Abortion Fund? Well, it's grown substantially, providing much-needed financial assistance to those seeking abortion care, no matter who they are, and no matter where they live.

But that's not all—Cobalt is part of a coalition that's gearing up to go to the ballot in 2024. Their mission? To protect abortion rights and overturn Colorado's ban on funding abortion. Trust me, this is an insider preview to a big 2024 fight you won't want to miss.

Shut down or Shut up?

Switching gears, we dive headfirst into the looming government shutdown. Yep, it's that time of the year again, and as of our recording on September 21, it doesn't look like this trainwreck will be avoided anytime soon. We take you through the timeline of how this all began in May, centered around discussions about raising the debt ceiling. It's a tug of war between Republicans and Democrats, with the Freedom Caucus pulling the strings, and how if economic disaster is going to be averted, these clowns need to get their poop in a group by September 30th which is...very soon.

We break down what happens during a government shutdown, from federal employees not getting paid to national parks closing down to major infrastructure projects coming to a grinding halt. It's not just a headache; it's a disaster for jobs and national security. And guess who gets the blame? Yeah, the folks who cause it in the first place.

The Capitol Wasteland

Next up, we've got Florida Congressman and Bevis & Butthead Lookalike Contest Winner Matt Gaetz, who's stirring the pot with a mysterious resolution to vacate the Speaker's Chair conveniently left on a baby changing table in a bathroom that both politicians and reporters are known to use. How on earth did it end up there?!

Next, we've got some big news: Congressman Ken Buck might be on his way out. Jason predicted pretty much this exact thing would happen over a month ago.

We discuss the rumors swirling around his potential departure and where he might be headed (CNN, Newsmax, you name it).

And let's not forget our 8th favorite member of congress from Colorado, Lauren Boebert. We dive into her latest adventures, including TMZ waiting for her at the airport and her…animated appearance on something called One America News. We have an update from the scandal known as Beetlebert, Beetlebert Beetlebert, and we promise it’s rated at post PG-13.

Libertarian Alliance and Colorado GOP's Silliness

In this segment, we explore the Colorado Libertarian Party's discontent with Lauren Boebert, who won't sign their pledge. We introduce you to James Wiley, a Libertarian challenger who, we shit you not, has registered his website at Yikes.

Lastly, we dig into the Colorado GOP's stance on a lawsuit aimed at keeping Trump off the ballot due to his failed attempt to overthrow the government and overturn the results of an election he lost in nearly word-for-word violation of the 14th Amendment. You know, the party of Law & Order.

The Inevitability of Trump

Colbert Compares Trump to Thanos in 'Avengers: Endgame' RNC Parody (Video)

We wrap things up with a nod to former President Donald Trump's logic defying GOP primary comeback. Recent polls show him running away with the Republican nomination, while Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's support has been plummeting. It's a dynamic we'll be keeping a close eye on, until he eradicates literally half of the species in the universe.


Well, that's a wrap for this episode of the Get More Smarter Podcast, with your hosts, Ian Silverii (that's me), America’s Dad, Jason Bane. We appreciate you tuning in and invite you to subscribe on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. And hey, if you could do us a solid and rate the show and leave a review on Apple Podcasts, it would mean the world to us. Seriously, it helps a lot! Take a look at this one from user “kat%#*$”

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