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Episode 165: Beetlebert! Beetlebert! Beetlebert! (Feat. Micah Parkin of 350Colorado)

Episode 165: Beetlebert! Beetlebert! Beetlebert! (Feat. Micah Parkin of 350Colorado)

Our 8th Favorite Member of Congress from Colorado's Big Night Out turns into a Big Huge Disaster


This episode kicks off with a discussion the antics of Colorado’s 8th favorite member of Congress, Lauren Boebert. She made headlines recently for getting kicked out of a performance of the Beetlejuice musical at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts for, well, quite the list of transgressions. From vaping to singing, recording, causing a disturbance, and, some other things, Boebert’s night at the theater was somehow shocking and not at all surprising.

Micah Parkin and the Battle Against Climate Change in Colorado

Boards & Community Service | Micah Parkin For Boulder City Council

We also interview Micah Parkin, the executive director of Our conversation focuses on a potential 2024 ballot initiative to combat climate change in Colorado with a phase out of new fracking permits after 2030. We discuss the $40 million spent by the Oil and Gas industry against 2018’s Proposition 112, the talking points from the industry today (including their very surprising and enthusiastic promotion of Colorado’s strong regulations that they opposed at absolutely every turn), the EPA’s rating of Colorado’s air quality as “severely violating the Clean Air Act,” and whether this initiative could help get us back on the right track.

Impeachment and Government Shutdown Drama

The chaos in Congress is top of mind in this episode as well. We dissect the madness surrounding the impeachment investigation into President Biden, a move prompted by right-wing figures like Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene. And, of course, we discuss the complete and utter lack of evidence tying the President to any corrupt activities, not like it matters to the MAGA freakshow.

We also preview the all but certain government shutdown, fueled by right-wing Republicans who seem eager to push the country off a cliff for a list of grievances and demands that they themselves cannot articulate at all. History repeats itself as the Grand Old Party faces the consequences of a government shutdown, the fifth one they’ve sparked, and we wonder out loud if they’re just trying to give us the damn House back with all this nonsense.

Ken Buck’s Double Buckpedal

But that’s not all; we highlights the ever-shifting positions of Congressman Ken Buck, who appeared to change his stance on impeachment several times within days. Jason also accurately predicts that Buck is at the end of his electoral career and is really just auditioning to become a cable news talking head at this point.

The GOP-Libertarian Alliance That Only Helps Democrats

As we’ve discussed before, the Libertarian Party pledge that Republican Party Chairman Dave Williams has been circulating continues to gather absolutely no signatures.

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