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Episode 163: Republican Presidential Debates = BDSM (Feat. Prof. Seth Masket)
Episode 163: Republican Presidential Debates = BDSM (Feat. Prof. Seth Masket)
What could we possibly mean by that? You'll have to listen to find out.

This week we’re very fortunate to have our returning guest and author of the most excellent Substack newsletter,Tuskwhich follows the GOP Presidential Primary among other things, so if you’re somehow subscribed here but haven’t subscribed to

(aka SMOTUS) on every platform available, go ahead and do that, look at him, what a nice lookin’ fella!

We started with a discussion of one of Prof. Masket’s other projects, The County Line on Politico where Seth surveys county party chairs, specifically Republicans, and tries to figure out where the “invisible primary” is at. Following most public polling, about half of Republicans are currently throwing their support behind Fourice-Indicted, Twice-Impeached loser Donald J. Trump who definitely lost the 2020 election because he’s a losing loser who really only ever won once.

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Then we got into the first GOP Presidential Debate which was, really, kind of a shitshow. Jason said he “thought the presentation was weird and even more over the top for Fox News than normal.” Starting of course with that Oliver Anthony song which apparently conservatives completely misread as a partisan anthem for their bullshit movement, oops!

We chatted Bidenomics, whether or not this was actually the VP Debate, which candidates would vote for Donald Trump even if he were a convicted felon (all but Christie and Hutchinson, natch), the range of answers on climate change (“it’s a hoax” to “it’s happening, I guess”) and abortion (should women actually get the death penalty for having a common medical procedure, guys?).

You should really give this interview a listen because Seth actually knows what he’s talking about, he’s incredibly funny, and for some reason he semi-regularly spends a bunch of time talking to us and lets us record it!

We also talked about a new poll that has Adam Frisch leading our 8th favorite member of congress from Colorado (Lauren Boebert) by two points, the Colorado Republican Party’s increasingly sus “agreement” with the Colorado Libertarian Party, and much more! If you’re enjoying this newsletter and our show, go ahead and smack that button below and subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts!


As always, thank you so much for listening, and reading, and tweeting, or xing, and dancing, and everything else you do!

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