Jun 27 • 1HR 9M

Episode 156: Climb Rocks, Pass Bills (feat. Dr. Erik Murdock)

We've discovered the secret to bipartisanship in Washington DC

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Dr. Erik Murdock, interim Executive Director of the Access Fund, who is decidedly not Dave “Let’s Go Bankrupt” Williams

We’ve discussed the new chairman of the Colorado GOP, Dave Williams in this space and on this show basically every episode since he was elected to pull this once relevant party out of its three-cycle-long tailspin that has left them with less power and relevance in the state at any point since FDR was president.

Since former Rep. Dave “Let’s Go Bankrupt” Williams took over the Colorado Republican Party, he has committed a short list of infractions that have led us here at the Get More Smarter Podcast to conclude that he is the very best chairman they could have ever elected and it isn’t particularly close. Those infractions include:

  • Apparently intentionally not raising any money because…reasons

  • Cutting a deal with the Colorado Libertarian Party that effectively gives them veto power over every GOP nomination to every seat at every level in the state

  • Trashing his predecessors who, while huge losers, are still Republicans

  • Sending out emails that range from unintelligible to absolutely mad…with no fundraising links

  • Spending more time grinding an ax with Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn (who whooped Williams in the 2022 primary) than raising money, building his party, or even going after Democrats

  • Giving up the game on No Labels’s attempt to get Donald Trump elected by pretending to care about democracy

We also interviewed Dr. Erik Murdock, the Estes Park based interim executive director of The Access Fund of who shared some really interesting information with us about the CORE Act, the PARC Act, and why this legislation has now passed not one but two committees of the US House of Representatives unanimously. Dr. Murdock was incredibly fun to talk to, engaging, entertaining and informative, which led us to ask, “why the hell did he agree to come on our show in the first place?”