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Episode 154: Thus Begins the 'Dave Coin' Economy (feat. Dave Young)

Episode 154: Thus Begins the 'Dave Coin' Economy (feat. Dave Young)

We Went Treasure Hunting in the State Treasurer's Office

This week we’re bringing you some FIELD REPORTING from the State Capitol where friend of the pod Dave Young, Colorado’s State Treasurer let us see some of the more interesting artifacts that are in the State of Colorado’s Unclaimed Property Vault, think of it is a really, really fancy lost and found. Special thanks to Sheena Kadi, Communications Director and Bianca Gardelli, Director of Unclaimed Property for the State Treasurer’s office for showing us around and letting us into their office in the first place!

The items on the table are worth approximately $80 bajillion dollars.

We got to see some pretty cool stuff, including a giant silver ingot, a gold coin collection worth tens of thousands, a six carat canary yellow diamond, a one dollar silver-backed bill from the 1800’s, and the world’s smallest gun. Longtime listeners will remember the conversation we had with Treasurer Young in 2022 about the world’s smallest gun from Episode 115 titled, you guessed it The World’s Smallest Gun.

Here's Our scrapbook from our field trip to the Colorado State Treasurer's Office, June 1, 2023. Yes, that's the world's smallest gun, it's a 2mm caliber, and it apparently works.

Treasurer Young was his usual hilarious and informative self, and walked us through the implementation of the Colorado Secure Savings Act which is just getting off the ground, how the debt limit debate affects Colorado and the state’s finances, a state infrastructure fund for our crumbling county courthouses and schoolhouses alike, Colorado’s potential foray into issuing blockchain security tokens which we immediately branded “Davecoin,” to the chagrin of our very very nice guest, the state’s $60 billion portfolio, creative investments like affordable housing for public employees, ESG and Satan, financing a FIREHAWK otherwise known as the Davecopter, and The Get More Smarter Podcast’s lack of qualification for Climber small business loan funding, property tax relief. It was a super fun talk, and we strongly recommend you give it a listen.

We also talked about Hakeem Jeffries’s badass floor moves, Dark Brandon’s dealmaking prowess, permanent low presidential approval ratings, the broke-ass Colorado GOP going after Doug Lamborn (which of course has nothing to do with the fact that new Colorado GOP Chairman Dave “let’s go broke” Williams lost a primary to Lamborn in 2022 no siree) for voting “yes” on the debt ceiling deal, and our 8th favorite member of congress skipping the big vote on the bill she grandstanded on for weeks and weeks.

And JUST TODAY, Colorado Public Radio’s Caitlyn Kim reported that Boebert is STILL DIGGING HERSELF A BIG HOLE after missing the vote (aka not doing the most basic function of her job).

All this, just as friend of the pod Rocky Mountain Values put a $300k ad buy on the air in Pueblo to tell the good people of the district what she’s been up to, check it out:

All this and Ken “what the” Buck was the only Colorado Republican who actually voted “no” on the debt ceiling deal with one of the greatest quotes of all time in The Hill which we will simply present below for your reading pleasure:

Fucking. Amazing.

We also discussed the Denver mayor’s race (which we will be diving even further into in next week’s episode with our regular guests from City Cast Denver, Bree Davies and Paul Kayroli), and Kelly Brough’s thou protest too much closing ad, which…isn’t...very…good:

Quick hits this week is about how much Charlie Kirk sucks, “tradwives,” how conservatives are down to drinking Busch Light only, and how no one should have ever moved to the desert, because water happens to be pretty scarce in the desert and is getting worse because of climate change, fucking duh. We also talked about meteorologist conspiracy theories, the hot hot hot CU Regent race in 2024, the motherfucking painfully obvious Trump Bucks scam, and our gibberish of the week brought to you by the one and only TFG himself.

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