May 30 • 1HR 14M

EPISODE 153: Christian Nationalism is Coming for You (feat. Rob Boston)

The Editor of Church & State Magazine Joins Us to Talk About Why That's Not Happening

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We open this week’s episode with a great conversation with Rob Boston, Senior Adviser at Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Editor of Church & State, AU’s monthly magazine.

We discuss the 1,600 recent legislative efforts across the country to break down the wall between church and state, slam one specific religion and religious doctrine down the throats of everyone including people who don’t practice that religion (or any religion!), and turn America in to Gilead.

“Some states like Texas and Florida have gone completely off the deep end. They’re on a tear of book banning bills, there’s a law that was signed into effect by Gov. DeSantis in 2022 that allows one person to complain about a book in a public school, it gets yanked while it’s being reviewed.”

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All this, despite the fact that Meatball Ron called it a “hoax” during his DeSaster of a Twitter campaign launch. Rob talks Colorado’s Anti Discrimination Act, Masterpiece Cakeshop, the First Amendment, Freedom and Liberty, and what the endgame is for Christian Nationalists (hint: it’s not good for you unless you’re a Christian Nationalist!).

Jason and I also dive into the debt ceiling debate right before the deal got cut over the weekend, but we accurately predict who’s going to be performatively cranky about it (hint, they’re two of our favorite members of Congress from Colorado).